Special Access Required – YF-23 Secrets Revealed by Insiders

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In 1999 a series of secret interviews were held in El Segundo, California near the classified top-secret facility where the YF-23 was built.

Those interviews were never announced to the public and no press of any kind were made aware of the event. The purpose was to document for history the amazing story of how the most advanced fighter jet in U.S. history was designed and created—in absolute secrecy. Never before or since has such a series of interviews been authorized or conducted about a black-world program.

Those interviews shaped the essential content of the official documentary about the aircraft, “Web of Secrecy: YF-23 Black Widow II Declassified” which is currently available for public viewing at www.Flixhouse.com.

The public documentary is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete story. So much of what was revealed in those interviews was deemed not airable on television or so controversial that most of the content has never been seen.

That’s the back story.

We’re about to blow things wide open! Soon we’re going to release parts of those secret interviews with the men who labored in locked-down facilities to build “The World’s Only Invisible Plane.”

Check back for future developments and the launch of the InVisibleTechTV” channel on Youtube.